When purchasing a Tesla, you will hardly spend money on maintenance. Once you bought it, it’s only pleasure, fun and economies for every kilometer you drive.

And because you need to enjoy peace of mind on any eventual costs, Tesla offers factory warranty up to 80.000 km or 4 years (first limit reached). On the battery pack, drive train and the motor, you enjoy an 8 year warranty no matter how many kilometers you’ll drive. (varies on model type)

Here at Nikola, we go one step further. Because we know by experience that electric vehicles will remain problem free for much longer than 80.000 km and we only offer carefully selected, fully reviewed used Tesla vehicles, we are able to significantly extend the warranty at a very competitive price.

This warranty is proposed together with the European market leader in vehicle warranty extensions.

Our rates

Odometer km at subscription20 000 km
Or 12 months
40 000 km
Or 12 months
60 000 km
Or 12 months
< 80.000 km€775€980€1.120
< 100.000 km€810€1.120€1.250
< 120.000 km€850€1.250€1.520
< 140.000 km€890€1.390€1.560
< 160.000 km€920€1.500€1.630
< 180.000 km€960€1.600€1.690
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In case of an issue, there is an own cost coverage of 350 euro per declaration.
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