Window Tinting Model 3

  • UV Protection Maximum protection
  • Safety Optimal security
  • Result Looks amazing

€ 665,00 incl. VAT€ 549,59 excl. VAT

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Window tint on your vehicle is like wearing sunblock for your car’s passengers and interior. You will save energy with a window tint, it helps control your vehicle’s internal temperature. Window tint covers the entire pane of your glass, which can come in handy if it ever breaks during an accident.

It increases your privacy, it’s a hassle to constantly have to hide the valuables inside your car so others won’t be tempted to break in. Tinting your windows keeps the temptation low and your valuables concealed.

It simply looks amazing, after all, no one can deny the appeal of sleek, dark car windows.

Good to know

  • Carwash proof!
  • It takes half a day to get the job done.
    Bring your car in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon.
    Or wait in our lounge while we tint the windows.
  • Fully reversible.