Home Charging Installation

  • Premium Installation
  • Charges 22KW
  • Color White

€ 1.990,00 incl. VAT€ 1.644,63 excl. VAT


We provide an all-in installation service with a maximum level of service and comfort.


We recommend installing your home charger into your current electrical system prior to taking delivery of your vehicle.


Charge your Tesla at home with a home charger is the fastest, most efficient home charging solution available. Simply plug in overnight and charge while you sleep. Wake up ready to go with a full charge for the day.

Good to know

  • Charge your battery from zero to 80 percent (or more) in eight hours
  • Charging speeds over six times faster than a Mobile Connector Bundle with NEMA 5-15 adapter (standard charging equipment included with vehicle purchase)
  • 22 kW max power – 100 percent greater max kW output than the fastest Mobile Connector/adapter pairing
  • Approved for both indoor/outdoor installation
  • For owners with multiple Tesla vehicles: Up to four Tesla Wall Connectors can share available power, making it possible to charge multiple Tesla vehicles at home


  • Price valid if the distance to the fuse box is no more than 15 meters and no excavation is required.
  • For special cases, we will provide a customized quote.
  • Nikola Brussels reserves the right to adjust the quote if the works are difficult to access, require more expensive components, or if other factors not mentioned here apply.
  • The original Tesla Wall Connector will be used for the installation.