Maintenance Service Model X

  • Lubricants Oil free
  • Fresh air New filters
  • Lubricating Brake pads

€ 595,00 incl. VAT€ 491,74 excl. VAT

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Unlike internal combustion engine cars, Tesla cars require no traditional maintenance like oil changes, fuel filters, spark plugs or even brake pads. Due to regenerative braking the brake pads wear significantly less. Yet we recommend having the car checked annually.

The maintenance includes:

  • Brake fluid check
  • Cleaning and lubricating all brake calipers
  • Cabin air filter replacement
    • (HEPA filter not included in this price, recommended every 3 years)
  • Windscreen wipers replacement
  • Windscreen fluid fill up
  • Keys battery replacement
  • Tire alignment check
  • Suspension check
  • General inspection

Good to know

  • It takes half a day to get the job done.
    Bring your car in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon.
    Or wait in our lounge while we service your car.