Full Color Wrap Model X

  • COLORCHANGE Any color imaginable
  • Protection Scratch resistant
  • Quality Like having a new car

€ 3.795,00 incl. VAT€ 3.136,36 excl. VAT

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  • Sick and tired of that same boring color?
  • Can’t find your preferred color in the Tesla custom order list?
  • You want to protect the original paint by doing a color change at the same time?


Then you should consider a full color wrap.

Car wrapping is the process of covering the car with a specialized vinyl, in order to fully change the color of your vehicle.

Wrapping your vehicle actually protects the car against scratches to the original paint work, sun damage and stone chips.

Special color prices on demand.

Good to know

  • Carwash proof!
  • Car wraps lasts approximately 5 years, although this depends on the color choice.
  • IMPORTANT: Does your car have the white paint color as configuration? Then the full wrap will cost €200 ex. VAT more. This is due to the fact that finishing white cars is more difficult than other colors. The gaps between the door panels, trunks and the like remain visibly white. We disassemble several parts to wrap these details also with the same foil as the rest of the car. This makes the full wrap on white cars immaculate but therefore also more labor intensive and with the use of more foil.
  • The time required for a full wrap varies between 3 to 5 working days.
  • Car wrapping is fully reversible.
    No prior paint jobs may have been executed to insure perfect removal.
  • Is your car still in order?
    Or is it’s at the dealer?
    You don’t have time to bring it yourself?
    We can pick up your car at your home or at the dealer.
    Ask us for more info & prices.