2013 – 2021 | Dreamcase Model S

  • Quality Premium
  • Great for Roadtrips
  • Easy to install Within minutes

€ 785,00 incl. VAT€ 648,76 excl. VAT

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Better rest.
More adventure.
Travel safe.

Transform your car into a luxury double bed.

Dreamcase was designed to make car travel spontaneous, convenient and safe by swiftly unfolding into a luxury double mattress.
With multi-layer memory foam, car duvet and pillows neatly encased, Dreamcase assists pack and forget travels in the one beautifully compact form-factor.
Dreamcase speedily unpacks 0 – Rest Space in 2.5 minutes but < 60’s with Quick Pack activated, so freshening up for safer driving is a breeze.

The Folding Memory Foam Dreamcase greatly improves upon the comfort, reliability and sound characteristics of portable mattresses. Its 4 partly modular panels are connected by articulating joints – use it flat as a mattress in-car, partially stacked for reading or separated as outdoor seating pads, it’s a multi-tool for rest.

Dreamcase’s exterior visibly functions as a case yet while in use serves as a height prop. It brings vehicle trunk height up to the folded down rear seats and combines with a mattress integrated prop to bridge over the rear passenger footwell, so the rest surface remains flatter.

Good to know

  • Only suitable for the 5 seater version.
  • 94cm x 194cm (37.0” x 76.3”) portable folding memory foam mattress
  • Microfibre foam cover
  • Synthetic leather band with durable zipper mechanism
  • 0- Rest in 150 seconds, Quick Pack Mode in < 60 seconds
  • Duvet and travel pillows included
  • Duvet, mattress and pillow covers made from 100% Mako ‘Satin cotton
  • Including sheeting