Chrome Delete Model S

  • Also known as Black Pack
  • Sportive look Chrome be gone
  • Premium Quality

€ 1.195,00 incl. VAT€ 987,60 excl. VAT

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Chrome delete is a vinyl wrap that covers up all the chrome accents surrounding your Tesla window trimming, side trimming, grille and mirrors.

Like you probably know all Tesla cars come equipped with a LOT of chrome accents.
We can wrap any visible piece of chrome that gives your Tesla the sleekest black accents.
Chrome delete or black pack is one of our most sought-after services, and with the stunning results it provides, it’s no wonder why.

Also known as a black pack.

It is 100% removable.

Good to know

  • Carwash proof!
  • Chrome delete lasts approximately 5 years.
  • It takes 2 days to get the job done.
    Bring your car in the morning and pick it up the next day in the afternoon.
  • Fully reversible.