• Material ABS
  • Made for Styling
  • Quality Premium

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€ 249,00 incl. VAT
€ 334,71
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Price includes installation.
(Estimated production time 5 – 7 weeks.)

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Improve high speed stability by adding the Maxton rear diffuser V.2, only available in gloss black.
Made from lightweight ABS material created specifically for use in the automotive industry.


  • Rear Diffuser V.2 Tesla Model 3 Gloss black



Good to know

  • Installation takes approximately 60 min
  • Price includes installation.
  • ABS material was created specifically for use in the automotive industry.
  • ABS is used in production of factory bumpers and other car body parts.
  • ABS products are characterized with increased strength and flexibility.
  • This product has been TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified (TUV certify for material).

Product information

  • The product is made of ABS
  • The spoiler cap is available in 3 surface structure types: textured, gloss, carbon
  • Only one of the sides (the outer side) is covered with the surface structure
  • The entirety of the inner side of the cap is matte
  • Every cap has double-sided acrylic 3M tape for mounting fastened along the inner side’s whole length
  • The gloss and carbon structures are secured with a protective film
  • The element is coated with a UV-repelling layer
  • It does not require painting (If you decide to paint your product you have to lay a primer layer before applying the paint job)
  • MANUFACTURER Maxton Design