Portable Home Charger Juice Booster 2

  • Quality Premium
  • Charges up to 22KW
  • Flexibility Charge anywhere

From € 1.050,00 incl. VATFrom € 867,77 excl. VAT

From € 1.050,00 incl. VATFrom € 867,77 excl. VATFrom € 1.050,00 incl. VATFrom € 867,77 excl. VATFrom € 1.050,00 incl. VATFrom € 867,77 excl. VAT
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Always charge at maximum speed.
In complete safety.
Anywhere in the world.
Irrespective of the power connection type.

JUICE BOOSTER 2 is a portable 22 kW charging station, but can also be used as a home wall box with a specially designed wall bracket.

An extensive range of adapters allows the driver to charge without a second thought, anywhere in the world, using any household and industrial sockets.
JUICE BOOSTER 2 then automatically recognizes the power required to charge.

Good to know

The charging station is watertight, able to withstand a wheel load in excess of 3 tonnes should you drive over it by mistake, ultra-light, weighing only 1 kg, and compatible with all electric cars with a Type 1 or Type 2 connection. It can be used as a portable and as a home charger.

  • PERFORMANCE: Charge at 3 phase voltage 11 or 22kW up to 32A.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Thanks its range of adapters you can turn any standard household or industrial socket into a home charging point.
  • SAFETY: The sturdy and it’s fully automatic adapter recognition system guarantee safe charging every single time. 100% Waterproof IP67 and not splash-proof!