2019 – 2023 | Accessory Hitch Model 3

  • Made for Bike carrier or cargo box
  • Quality Premium and detachable!
  • Towing  Not possible

€ 1.495,00 incl. VAT€ 1.235,54 excl. VAT

Price includes installation

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Elevate Your Tesla Model 3 with Our Premium Detachable Tow Hook Accessory Hitch!

Removing or attaching the ball head is super easy and is totally invisible when detached. 
A simple, great piece of kit: if you only occasionally use your accessory hitch, then a removable system is the best choice.

Towball pressure: 55 kg
This towbar is suitable for Model 3 produced before October 2023.


Not all Tesla Model 3’s have towing capacity specified in the vehicle documents.
Towing a caravan or trailer is not allowed in such cases.
Despite this, a towbar on the Tesla Model 3 can still be useful because the car is allowed to carry a load. Vertical load is always permitted.
Our Tesla Model 3 towbar is vertically detachable and can be used to carry a bike rack or cargo box.