This beautiful Roadster 2.5 also left our showroom in August 2020.

Another mint condition Roadster, 1st registration Dec 2011 and only 31.000 km’s. The almost midnight silver metallic color and black wheels gives this Roadster a very stealth look!

Considering that only 2450 of these roadsters were ever built and shipped globally, with only 575 units in Europe, there is only one way but up for their value.

It also holds the title of the first production car to ever be launched into space, carried by a falcon heavy rocket during a SpaceX test flight on February 6, 2018.

Will the Roadster become the first collectable electric car? If you ask us, it already is.

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Over the past years, we specialized ourselves in the world of Tesla Motors.
As we bought those great cars for our own we were continuously being approached by our friends, colleagues, customers and neighbors.
So we automatically became ambassadors and eventually sellers of these amazing cars. ‘Nikola‘ is named after Nikola Tesla himself, and thus we turned our hobby and passion into our job.

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