Extension cable Juice Booster 2

  • Quality Premium
  • Installation Easy to use
  • Length 5 or 10 m

From € 195,00 incl. VATFrom € 161,16 excl. VAT

From € 195,00 incl. VATFrom € 161,16 excl. VATFrom € 195,00 incl. VATFrom € 161,16 excl. VAT
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JUICE CONNECTOR extension cable for the JUICE BOOSTER 2.
It has the JUICE CONNECTOR safety plug on both sides and can be plugged between the JUICE BOOSTER 2 and the supplied adapters.

Good to know

  • This extension cable is optimally matched to the JUICE BOOSTER 2.
    The cable is identical to the cable mounted on the booster and thus supports the full power (22 kW, 32 A, 3 phases). It is very resistant yet very light and easy to roll up.
    The automatic adapter recognition of the JUICE BOOSTER 2 is fully preserved.
    All available adapters can still be used.
  • Up to 2 extension cables can be connected in series. *
    Also pay attention to the same product in a length of 5 m.
    In theory the JUICE BOOSTER 2 can be extended between 10 and 25 m in length.
    Incidentally, this is also possible with the enclosed Type 2 or Type 3 adapter for charging stations.

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